Saturday, August 14, 2004

no, we're not joking. no, we're not trying to rip you off. and no, we can't send your extra-large package weighing 23 lbs. to the east coast for $5.

and please, when we tell you that it's going to be more cost-effective to send something via UPS or FedEx, believe us. just because it's the united states postal service does not mean they are going to give you a deal on all your mailing needs (when has the goven't not tried to rip you off? -harhar.)

Thursday, August 12, 2004

this is tied with the previous post....

i'm also incredibly upset with the fact that i'm paying rent at the moment because according my my friend and housemate shaun, there is someone currently living in my room.

my other housemate lena had asked if it would be okay if one of her friends occasionally crashed in my room during the summer. i said sure. fine. that's okay. it's party and get drunk and don't always feel like taking the train to the suburbs home. i don't mind lending a place to sleep, i hope someone will someday do the same for me.

however, i don't define occasionally crashing at someone's place moving in a bed and a dresser and all their belongings and sleeping there every night. i could have saved $600+ (minus shopping habits and alcohol).

any suggestions on how to bring this up without too much head-butting?
why i get frustrated with my mother #2736:

my coming home for the summer being so last minute made it impossible for me to find someone to sublet my place in philadelphia. one of the conditions agreed upon with my parents was that they would be paying the rent while i am not there (i would be working/helping my parents out at their business).

i suggested that my mother and i go shopping this afternoon. my mother thought it a wonderful idea "since you have $300 to spend." i gave my mother one of those 'are you sure you have the right person' looks, because i definitly don't have that sort of money to throw around.

"mum, i paid rent."
"what do you mean you paid rent? where are you paying rent to?"
"my place in philly."
"::frustration boiling over::....hmm, perhaps because my name is on a lease and the landlord has my s.s.#. and i have two roomates who are friends and i don't want to leave them in a horrible financial situation."
"i thought you weren't going back."

i just turned and walked away. and i'm sure that's not the best way to handle a situation. but it was a hell of a lot better than me causing a scene in public.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

i just spent $8 on gummy bears i could have purchased at the store for $2.

but i have a hard time turning down kids with puppy-dog eyes and years of experience in the art of manipulation (which one of the many reasons i don't want children). damn them and their school fundraisers.

that $8 could have gone towards beverage funds for the weekend. or gas (do you understand how expensive gasoline is, little boy?). or a new pair of shoes.

i feel like a schlup to have been sucked in. i will pass it as karma getting me back for all the money past neighbors have spent on me when i came knocking on their doors.

Monday, August 09, 2004

as you can see, i'm messing with the look. always reinventing myself....