Sunday, November 09, 2003

tonight i checked out suspino: a cry for the roma.

it was one of the 17 films screened for seattle's 12th annual human rights film festival.

watching the film reminded me of a comment one of my teacher's made while we were in france, "take care to guard your belongings -the gypseies are theives." and as horrible as it is, who doesn't often think of gypsies as bohemian travelers dressed in beautiful scarves, dancing to tambourines, and picking pockets. living the romatic fantasy.

the film was incredibly informative about the state of the roma nation. up to 10 million peoples discplaced in developing countries. ethnic cleansing. children being stolen. racial profiling. i'm not sure why this surprises me so....i know it goes on. perhaps it's just denail kicking in as it should. or the thought that certain governments (i.e.:: italy, uk, etc..) and religions (catholics, the vatican is only a few blocks away from the slums) would do something.


oi. more on this later, perhaps.