Saturday, November 08, 2003

speaking of pointless argument:

the modern political philosophy class i'm taking began to touch upon human rights issues beginning monday. the prof. asked the class for thoughts on human rights and several people made comments about how the united states is the purveyor of justice and equality and peace throughout the world.

i had to disagree.

first stating a disclaimer (that i considered myself to be a nationalist), i went on to give a mini-speech that probably made me sound quite unpatriotic.

on wednesday, 5 minutes before class, one of my classmates approached me. condescendingly, this older man squeezed too tightly into overalls, lectured me about how i was wrong. that the united states was perfect. that the balance of power is solely controlled by the united states.

i wouldn't have been so annoyed had he treated me more like an academic peer and not his grandchild.
mum: what are you making for dinner?
me: i don't know. i'm not really hungry.
mum: well, you still need to cook him something. what are you going to make him?
me: why do i have to cook for him? he can cook for himself.
mum: well, if something were prepared that he could reheat, then i wouldn't tell you to make anything. but you are here, and are a female, and his sister, so it's your duty/obligation/responsibility to. it's the korean way.
me: that's stupid. so stupid.

i would have gone on to rant about feminism/oppression/patriarchy, but then thought it best not to. having already gone that route before, i knew it would be pointless to argue.

and my mother wonders why he's so dependent on family. they need to cut the umbilical cord.

and a quick response to the ethic/nationaly deal: i'm american korean, and not the other way around.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

halloween was wild.

i baked a carrot cake.
played the sims.
passed out candy to ungrateful brats.

::ringing of doorbell::
me: opening door, waiting for "trick-or-treat" (silence). wow...that's really gross! that eyeball hanging from your socket is incredibly realistic!
trick-or-treator: yeah, whatever. just give me the candy.

this attitude came from a 6 year old. when did kids start thinking that they deserved free candy? future kids of america, you best work for your sugary treats. whatever. i hope your teeth rot.