Saturday, April 19, 2003

grrr~ i have a lot of teeth
my name is gregory the alligator

everyone, meet gregory. he's a lovely emerald green alligator with onyx-black eyes from bar-11. although small, he can hold his liquor better than anyone i know. he'll be living with me from now on, which is fine because he's incredibly quiet and doesn't take up much space. i'm sure we'll become really good friends. i'll just be annoyed if he comes home incredibly smashed with a caravan of equally drunken, disrespectful jerks or gets hungry and decides to eat the cat.

we'll create a list of house rules.
it had already been 6 months since i last did it. and the fact that i was feeling down/stressed only helped me go for the decision.

i chopped my hair.

it was a wonderful symbolic release.

so now i am 4 inches of lovely locks less, but i'm happy. not content, but happy.

Friday, April 18, 2003

i just wanted to say that i'm sorry it ended up this way. i ended up liking you more than i had been prepared for. next time i think i'll know just to let my feelings show, but i guess i'm saying this a little too late. so now i wish i would have said every thought that was in my head, but sometimes i'm much too weak to open up my mouth and speak. i can't describe how i happen to feel right now. it's somewhere between regret and absolute astonishment. how was i to know that you may have felt this way? and how were you to know that i had so much to say? and how were we to know that we both might have felt the same? i guess that in the end, there's nobody to blame. so now you've moved on and i'm back here at home regretfully all alone, wondering what could have been if only i had let you in.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

i didn't know that God and hate were synonymous.

i didn't know god hated dykes/fags and america so much.

pastor fred phelps, of westboro baptist church in topeka, kansas, and his hate-mongering minions will be out front of campus on 05/03/03 to guide us sinners back onto the righteous path towards heaven. he and his bible-thumping groupies will be around the pittsburgh area to disrespect Mr. Rogers and preach the sins of homosexuality.

plan on campus: counter-protest with love. with or without tounge.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

a little insight about myself for the public:
please don't be offended; i keep myself aloof for protection. i always like to be one step ahead or one behind. emotions get in the way of logical thinking/reasoning and i like to keep them out of the way...hidden in a closet with coats, umbrellas, and other such random items until i want them.

you've made my web-writings. congratulations.