Tuesday, March 25, 2003

i'm getting hed on 05.09.03. you should too.
since coming to college, my language has been shot.

my grammar is atrocious (& i'm constantly correcting myself). everything would be misspelled w/out the help of a spellcheck or dictionary.com. words, phrases, sentence structure have been perverted by the vernacular of everyone else on campus. not even the great professor henry higgins could find my origins. and that is something to be said.

Monday, March 24, 2003

candace: vicky, why didn't we ever hang out more?
me: i don't know. do you?
c: no clue
c: no fucking clue
c: maybe i was an ass
c: probably because i was an ass
me: lol...i don't think that was it.
me: we just hung out in different social crowds a lot of the time.
c: i certainly underestimated you
me: what'dya mean?
c: yes, you hung out with kids who were good-er even than me, didn't you?
c: i thought you were token funny-really smart orchestra girl
c: at least until you did the hut on the beach picture for me, then i thought you were some sort of goddess
me: lol
c: then you got me a bird of paradise on my birthday, and it still didn't hit me just exactly how completely cool you were
me: i'm just a person. nothing more.
c: aren't we all
c: but some people are actually worth your time. i think high school is the one place in the world where all the rules and social constructions involved are completely ridiculous and not based anywhere in reality.
c: i think that's why it's so much fun to break the rules in high school
me: i think it's fun to break the rules all the time

this conversation has got me thinking. thanks.
shipmates: two people who are more than friends, so it's not a friendship, but aren't at relationship status either....hence they are ship-mates. all other boys are just sea-men. ::winkwink:: thanks sheila.
i like points, straight lines. shapes with sharp corners. things with exact definition and edge. ordered lists (bulleted or numbered), outlines, & scripts make life easy. there are a lot more do nots than dos because i overly-think (analyze) before i say or do. i like calculation (is it because i'm asian?). but then i let myself be vulnerable.

i fucked up. i got comfortable. i let my gaurd down.

i said i miss you.
thanks goes out to wil wheaton (that's right, the star trek guy).

he took me back to good radio through a modern medium -the internet.