Tuesday, October 28, 2003

the attractive man, sitting oh-so casually in the black leather chair across the room from where she sat, annoyed her. she could not stop staring at him. guessing by his drink (earl grey tea -steeped for 5 minutes) and outfit (red fitted vintage print tee of thrift store variety and not current trend store reprint + worrn/faded bootcut jeans + black flip flops + yellow tinted sunglasses on the table), amelia knew he was a laid back fellow. the type of boy that walked barefoot in the sand and played guitar with his friends in front of a bonfire under a clear, starry night. she wondered what sort of music was spinning on his laptop trhough the wires of his headphones, into his ears. a nice classic jazz? indie/local? perhaps a lounge/house beat deal. he typed with a nice even rythem...strong hands and trim nails. hmm. if only she had the nerve to talk to him. he was the kind of boy amelia could fall head over heels for. if only. indeed.


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