Thursday, May 15, 2003

~a poem for victoria o.~
words of unmotivated respect by allison

i think
it must be
the juciness
of her
quiet honesty
that always made
me wanting
to like me.
i think
genuine smiles-
the kind
that only give, for the sake of giving,
not to conceal
that shine
simply because
that's all it
can do [which isn't entirely true...]
-are rare.
and i guess i think
those kinds of
are precious. are. precious.
and i wonder
if she knows
that i smiled
as bright as
she does
when she shouted my name
with a thousand suns,
bounded down the steps
like the bouncy ball of her jumping light,
and kissed her hand
to press on
my shoulder;
because that is what you do
when you are happy to see
you don't know too well-
but know you'd like to.
i wonder if she knows that
that is exactly
how i feel too.

this made my past few months grander than she knows. thanks with a million smiles.


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