Monday, April 21, 2003

most of my weekend was spent distracting me from myself.

saturday afternoon was spent with g.gilson, a.mcguigan and her uncle regis shopping for dinner material in the strip district. i forgot how much i love open markets (i miss pike place!). all the sights, smells, and sounds attack the senses; the sun reflects a bright glare off peoples' wares and colors mesh while i play a game of trying to distinguish scents as i listen carefully for the unintentionally picked-up bits and peices of random conversation carried by a gently passing breeze.

the evening lazily passed grilling fresh salmon and vegetable kabobs for supper while sipping wine on a balcony overlooking a twinkling pittsburgh (side note: i will now forever think of the razor's edge when drinking wine), playing poker (straight flush first hand!), and watching a spectacular fireworks display.

sunday morning i should have gone to church, but i didn't. i feel quite guilty for not attending the past few months, but i'm tired of religion without spiritualty. the latter i need to work on.

[angry rant]: i did not flirt or speak or even mouth a word to you. i did not look at you. for that matter, i didn't even know you existed. yet, you somehow got the impression that i might think it bloody okay for a creepy jackass like you to grab my ass. let's say i did speak to you and flirted shamelessly and bared my cleavage for your ogling eyes -that still does not mean you have any warrant or justification or permission to touch me or any other devotchka. so thank you mr. wanker, you've further strengthened my belief in why certain persons (as yourself) should have their yarbles removed and fed to the dogs.


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