Friday, April 18, 2003

i just wanted to say that i'm sorry it ended up this way. i ended up liking you more than i had been prepared for. next time i think i'll know just to let my feelings show, but i guess i'm saying this a little too late. so now i wish i would have said every thought that was in my head, but sometimes i'm much too weak to open up my mouth and speak. i can't describe how i happen to feel right now. it's somewhere between regret and absolute astonishment. how was i to know that you may have felt this way? and how were you to know that i had so much to say? and how were we to know that we both might have felt the same? i guess that in the end, there's nobody to blame. so now you've moved on and i'm back here at home regretfully all alone, wondering what could have been if only i had let you in.


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