Wednesday, April 09, 2003

highlights of the past weekend:

the annual amnesty general meeting was held in pittsburgh at the omni william penn hotel this year. because i took dorsey's int'l organizations class, i was (in)directly involved and was required to attend a panel (and although i hate to admit it, i have grown to respect dorsey). i'm not incredibly knowledgable about amnesty and all its stances on issues, but i feel like it's a "human rights advocacy corporation" advertising as a grass-roots organization.

during a session, i was trapped into a conversation with some older woman. the chat was light at first (where are you from, what do you study, etc...) and moved on to the discussion of human rights...HIV/AIDS, in particular. she proceeded to tell me that HIV/AIDS was caused by SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), that it could be contracted through a hug, and that anyone who had it would die 48 hours after contracting it. the kicker was when she told me that it could be cured by a special serum found only in India. and no, i'm not making this conversation up.

later that evening, i hit up FLUX in oakland to see j.lawton's art work/installation -she's a great one, she is. sadly, some asshole put up a sign stating that she was giving away her styrofoam dogs which she had up for display....

then i headed back to the hotel for a lil party with the amnesty activist kiddies. that was fun and weird all at the same time.

had a good conversation on sunday night. and i fell off a bed -someday there will be a story...i'm working on it.


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