Wednesday, March 12, 2003

people aren't nice to each other anymore. i've decided to make an effort to smile more often. say hello to strangers. try and make the world a better place.

it's amazing how just listening to someone -even a stranger- can make a difference.

yesterday evening, on my way to the 61c, a man stopped me and asked for a dollar. i told him i was sorry and that i didn't have any spare money. he continued to talk to me for a bit, then paused mid-sentence and said, "thank you for stopping to listen. no one ever stops or gives a second glance."

it was a bittersweet compliment.

there are so many times when i've been "too busy". irritated. selfish. i disgust myself when i think about it.

i don't want my apathetic attitude/ be confused with compliance. i'm going to have to wok on changing that, because otherwise, i am agreeing to whatever "system(s)" i am trying to break away from. knowledge without action has no power.


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