Thursday, March 20, 2003

nice speech, bush.
>...military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger. free its people from one gov't only to oppress it with another. defend the world from what grave danger? not having enough oil to drive gas-guzzling SUVs?
>The people you liberate will witness the honorable and decent spirit of the American military. or just hate us (even more so now) with a passion that burns hotter than hell.
> In this conflict, America faces an enemy that has no regard for conventions of war or rules of morality. haha....replace America with Iraq, and it works just as well!
>We come to Iraq with respect for its citizens, for their great civilization and for the religious faith they practice. We have no ambition in Iraq except to remove a threat and restore control of that country to its own people. i don't even know where to start on this....
>Our nation enters this conflict reluctantly, yet our purpose is sure. yes, our nation enters the conflict reluctantly...however our state goes in confidantly. the purpose of this conflict is unclear as well. is it about safety? oil? terrorists? overthrowing an evil gov't for the sole benefits of the people of that country?
>May God bless our country and all who defend her. may God forgive us for our sins.


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