Sunday, March 30, 2003

monet, what would i have done in lit w/out you?
monet. nympheaus. 1920-21. oil on canvas.

friday afternoon, i spent some time at the carnegie art museum. without question, my favorite painting in the c.a.m. collection is the one above.

it reminds me of swanson's AP literature class senior year of high school. i spent that hour counting down the days 'til graduation. or wondering if i would run into s.meyer during the break period on my way to 2nd period -and if luck went my way- whether he would say hello and remember who i was. or getting lost in the laminated poster of monet's water lillies.

a large portion of that time (in h.s.) -which seems so long ago- was spent wondering what life (in college) would be like. now that i'm "here", i spend a lot of time looking back. the pictures this painting creates in my mind's canvas has changed from planning to reminiscence. i wonder what would happen if i went back to fwhs and sat in one of swanson's desks. re-examined the water lillies that reflected the glare of flourescent lights.

it's funny how so much in life changes while others stay at a constant.


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