Monday, March 24, 2003

candace: vicky, why didn't we ever hang out more?
me: i don't know. do you?
c: no clue
c: no fucking clue
c: maybe i was an ass
c: probably because i was an ass
me: lol...i don't think that was it.
me: we just hung out in different social crowds a lot of the time.
c: i certainly underestimated you
me: what'dya mean?
c: yes, you hung out with kids who were good-er even than me, didn't you?
c: i thought you were token funny-really smart orchestra girl
c: at least until you did the hut on the beach picture for me, then i thought you were some sort of goddess
me: lol
c: then you got me a bird of paradise on my birthday, and it still didn't hit me just exactly how completely cool you were
me: i'm just a person. nothing more.
c: aren't we all
c: but some people are actually worth your time. i think high school is the one place in the world where all the rules and social constructions involved are completely ridiculous and not based anywhere in reality.
c: i think that's why it's so much fun to break the rules in high school
me: i think it's fun to break the rules all the time

this conversation has got me thinking. thanks.


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