Friday, February 28, 2003

look! i'm on time for the friday five:

1. What is your favorite type of literature to read (magazine, newspaper, novels, nonfiction, poetry, etc.)? i don't have a favorite type of literature...different styles have different purposes and i read them for what they should be taken for.
2. What is your favorite novel? oooh, tough question. for convenience, however, i am going to say as i lay dying, by William Faulkner. i've made many refrences to this book during interesting conversations based on the relationship/tension(s) between words and thoughts. oh, and your mother is a fish.
3. Do you have a favorite poem? (Share it!) i don't have a fave poem, but i've recently (thanks to K.Murray) have been introduced to the work of Nikki Giovanni -and i really enjoy her writing...

Being and Nothingness (to quote a philosopher)
i haven't done anything
meaningful in so long
it's almost meaningful
to do nothing

i suppose i could fall in love
or at least in line
since i'm so discontented
but that takes effort
and i don't want to exert anything
neither my energy nor my emotions

i've always prided myself
on being a child of the sixties
and we are all finished
so that makes being

4. What is one thing you've always wanted to read, or wish you had more time to read? i wish i had more time to read, in general. to read because i want to, and not for purely academic reasons. to read without having to worry about whether i'm "getting it" -and if i didn't "get it", knowing that i could take my time to re-read it at a later date.
5. What are you currently reading? i am currently flipping through several books. the majority of them are for classes. looking for the other: feminism, film, and the imperial gaze, E.Ann Kaplan; restructring world politics, Khagram, Riker, & Sikkink; no constitutional right to be ladies, Linda K. Kerber; several sex discrimination cases, brave new world, Aldous Huxley; like water for chocolate, Laura Esqirel.


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