Wednesday, February 12, 2003

i'm currently awaiting my death in 7 days.

dream: i'm driving on backroads, trying to get somewhere with two other people. we decide to stop in a little cabin that we've been told is abandonded and safe to stay in. the other two travellers decide to go out and pick up some provisions in the small town a mile or two down the road; i am too tired and cold to go out, so i volunteer to stay, build a fire, and settle us in for the evening.

the cabin has two floors, but i never go upstairs. the bottom floor is separated into rooms by paneled wooden dividers -each single wooden panel holding a mirror. there is a sink with mirrored medicine cabinet at the end of the room. the only source of light are the two floral-print curtained windows at the front-face of the cabin and a single hanging lightbulb that gives off an eery, pale-orange glow to everything.

although i am alone in the cabin, i get an uncomfortable feeling that someone or something is with me. i try to disregard the creepiness by telling myself that it is my own reflections in the many mirrors that were bothering me, making me believe that there was another person in the room. i decide to get into my pjs and wash up for the evening. as i wash my face, i glance up into the mirror and see the flash of someone else's face. someone small, thin, pale, and with long dark hair. the face blankly looks at me, and i realize it's the face of Sumara (from the movie, "the ring").

i open the medicine cabinet door so i don't have to look at the face anymore, and run into another section of the cabin, run to a window, hoping to catch some air. as i stand there reassuring myself it was all in my head, i hear screams outside. i peer out the window, only to catch the image of a woman, in a pink terry-cloth robe, beating her husband/bf(?) with a large shovel. over and over again, she pounds him with the tool, until he's just a large bleeding heap on the grass. all the while, a small girl (daughter?) is sitting in a corner of the yard crying hysterically, not knowing what to do. the woman goes after her, and with one quick motion, hits the small girl on the head with the handle of the shovel, then drags her small, limp body into a ditch. horrified, i make my way quietly outside, completely shocked at the scene i have just witnessed. there is a sudden chill, and although i try to withstand the bitter air on my skin, i cannot help go inside. i look up at the mirrored panels and see the reflection of the little girl who was crying outside. at this sight, i ran back out into the cold and sat sobbing and scared.

a few moments later, my travelling companions came back.

and i woke up.


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